Menroi Celebrates with Benue Orphans

Giban Bege Orphanage © 2019

Menroi Celebrates with Benue Orphans

Happy International Women’s Day

Around the world, 8th March is recognised as International Women’s Day. It is a special day for celebrating women’s achievements and also advocating for gender equality.

Today, our Menroi Women seized this special opportunity to be loving mothers to orphans at two orphanage homes. 

Ms. Tomnadoo Adyorough led the visit to Giban Bege Orphanage at Km 5 Gboko Road, Makurdi while Ms Mimidoo Kpaala led the visit to the NKST Orphanage Home, Mkar, Gboko local government area of Benue State.

NKST Orphanage Home, Mkar, Gboko
Giban Bege
Orphanage, Makurdi

Menroi shared drinks, snacks and stories with the kids. They boys were taught how they can assist the girls with domestic chores and the benefits they will derive from learning to be actively involved. 

At Menroi, we believe every child has the right to be happy, healthy, protected and loved! Sadly, this is not always the case for these children. 

We encourage well-meaning Nigerians to continue making a difference in the lives of orphaned, abandoned and other vulnerable children. 

Mr David Audu, the founder of Giban Bege Orphanage and the Resident Pastor in charge of NKST Orphanage Home Mkar both expressed their appreciations to the Menroi Founder, Dr Kohol Shadrach Iornem for supporting those who cannot provide for themselves. 

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