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Just imagine if everyone sacrificed a minute percentage of  their income or profit to support people in dire need – we will be alleviating poverty

Health, water and sanitation
Business and innovation
Vulnerable households

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Care for the sick and

Distribution of books to schools

Distribution of mosquito nets to widows

Essay Competition for sec schools

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  About Us

Improving Lives;
Our Priority

With about 100 volunteers, we support a number of projects such as, community development; training provision, volunteer led projects and support for young people; education schemes; health, water and sanitation; business and innovation initiatives; and support for vulnerable households

How can you help

You can volunteer your time to promote our work and inspire others
You can volunteer by giving talks to the local communities that we shall
be working with.
You can sponsor a fundraising event. We raise funds by sharing the story of
the hardships of the less privileged in rural communities.
You can invite us to give a talk at your next social event, school assembly,
church or club function so we can raise funds to help these
persons build a better life..
You can donate towards our planned projects.

We will serve every child to make a better tomorrow

 Our Mission

Supporting and strengthening rural communities to improve quality of life.

 Our Vision

We see a world where the less privileged in rural communities thrives.


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Who Inspire Us

One of the major causes of poverty in Africa is corruption. People confiscate resources that are meant for their fellow citizens. I’m in Menroi to create opportunities for people who have been deprived economically and socially. For me, it is about helping the less privileged to build a better life for themselves and their families as a way of reducing the gap between the haves and the have-nots

Kohol Shadrach Iornem

The poverty level is higher mostly in developing/under-developed countries. And people living in rural areas are the ones who are affected and ignored the most. Menroi desires to offer rural communities a sense of belonging. In line with my passion, I would like to support Menroi to achieve its Community Development Initiatives.

Sadiksha Iornem


We target our causes
by identifying the needs of the less privileged and vulnerable children

Fund Collection Starts
by creating awareness and explaining the purpose of the support

We buy amenities
such as food, clothing, school bags, books, uniforms, and other relief materials etc

Distribution & Deliveries
our volunteers visit and distribute these items at orphanage homes, IDPs etc

Our Volunteers

Upcoming Event



Help with Relief Materials for IDPs in Benue State

The people at the IDP Camps are indigenous farmers who have been displaced by the frequent violent attacks by the nomadic Fulani herdsmen. This has resulted in the loss of lives, the destruction of their farmlands and homes. These people, including women and children, are now living at camps that are overcrowded, dilapidated and in deplorable conditions. The funds we are seeking to raise will be used to provide facilities and relief materials like food, mattresses, water etc for them at the camps in view of the security threats, inhumane and degrading treatment they are experiencing. They need your urgent support. Please give whatever you can to help in this regard