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Giban Bege Orphanage © 2019

Menroi Celebrates with Benue Orphans

Happy International Women’s Day Around the world, 8th March is recognised as International Women’s Day. It is a special day for celebrating women’s achievements and also advocating for gender equality. Today, our Menroi Women seized this special opportunity to be loving mothers to orphans at two orphanage homes.  Ms. Tomnadoo Adyorough led [...]

Menroi Essay Competition ©

Lessel Essay Competition, Ushongo, Benue State

A total of 95 students from two Secondary Schools (Mbagwa Community Secondary School and International Day Secondary School) participated in the essay competition. The students were required to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of social media. This topic was selected because, internet and social media addiction can lead to poor academic [...]