Lessel Essay Competition, Ushongo, Benue State

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Lessel Essay Competition, Ushongo, Benue State

A total of 95 students from two Secondary Schools (Mbagwa Community Secondary School and International Day Secondary School) participated in the essay competition.

The students were required to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of social media. This topic was selected because, internet and social media addiction can lead to poor academic performance and it also reduces face-to-face communication. We believe that if students are aware of the pros and cons of social media, it can help them decide the best way to effectively use it to their advantage.

The three winners holding their certificates

The top three winners of the essay competition received the following cash prizes:

Announcement of results

1.    Soo Theophilus Terkuma – First Prize – N10,000

2.    Atetan Ushahemba Raymond – Second Prize –N7,000

3.    Iniongon Kumawuese Favour – Third Prize – N5,000


The 3 winners were from Mbagwa Community Secondary School. All the students that participated in the essay competition received books and pens as consolation prizes.

 Iniongon Kumawuese Favour’s speech

Menroi’s ambition is to make knowledge more accessible to people – especially the youth, who are the pillars of our nation.  When people acquire knowledge, they acquire power to understand their rights and liberate themselves from their oppressors.

We invite everyone to be a part of this community development initiative.

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