Menroi Rural Priority Visit to Menroi Academy, Makurdi

Menroi Rural Priority Visit to Menroi Academy, Makurdi

Charity begins at home. The Menroi Team, led by the president, Dr. Kohol Shadrach Iornem, visited the Menroi Academy on Naka Road, Makurdi. A full scholarship was awarded to a physically challenged student until he completes his primary education. The school fee is not much. It’s just N27, 000 per year (N9, 000 per term).  School uniforms were also bought for all the students in Primary Two.

There were career talks and lectures given to the children. The president also intimated the teachers on best practices in motivating and guiding the children into finding learning more interesting and looking forward to coming to school every day. These practices will help the children do better at school.

If you would like to sponsor any child per year or per term or even buy a uniform @N3, 500 per student, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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