Menstrual Health Hygiene Sensitization

Menstrual Health Hygiene Sensitization

Young girls in the rural communities lack basic knowledge of menstrual health and hygiene. They have no idea on how to track their monthly cycle and have no access to basic hygiene kits meant to help manage their monthly flow. This can often be depressing for kids, leading to other issues like skipping school or isolating themselves. Above all, these girls can barely afford the materials necessary for them to manage their hygiene during their monthly flow.

 Project Objectives

  • To educate and sensitize girls (from single sex secondary schools within and around Benue State) who have reached the stage of seeing their monthly flow about menstrual health and hygiene.
  • To provide basic sanitary kits
  • To help them regain self-confidence during menstruation.

Menstrual Hygiene kit

  • Tampons or sanitary towels
  • Reusable sanitary pads
  • Toilet rolls
  • Roll-ons
  • Reusable shaving sticks
  • Soaps or detergents

Our Past Menstrual Hygiene Project

We carried out this project at Uavande Girls’ College last year, but we are planning to take this project to other schools. The project covered:

  • Sensitization on menstrual hygiene and care during menstrual periods.
  • Prep talks for young people addressing the questions: How to manage their menstrual hygiene; How to track their menstrual cycle; What products to use when on their periods, among others.


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